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Connecting to Custom Lead Sources via Webhooks


You can connect Privyr to custom lead sources or platforms via Webhooks to receive new leads in your Privyr account. This gives you instant new lead alerts and automatically creates the leads in your client list so you can immediately contact them.

This can be used with lead sources that support sending lead data via webhooks in a custom format, or if you have access to a developer to configure this for you.

Setting Up an Incoming Webhook

If you have a custom website or lead source built by a developer, your developer can use our webhooks API to send leads to your Privyr account.

To view the developer documentation and full instructions, go to your Integrations tab > Webhooks:

Note that you will need your Privyr Authentication Token to set up webhooks, which can also be found on the instructions page.

New Lead Alerts

Once you connect your custom lead source to your Privyr account via webhooks, any new leads submitted via your custom contact forms will send you a new lead alert via the Privyr app and email. You can configure these alerts via your Account Notification Settings.

Tap the alert to view the lead with all the captured information displayed on their notes field. You can immediately contact them or send an auto-personalised Quick Response.

You can also enable additional alerts if you haven’t acted on a new lead within 15 minutes and 60 minutes, in case you missed the first notification. You can enable these extra alerts via your Account Notification Settings.

All new leads from your custom lead source will be displayed with an UNCONTACTED label in their client details and the client list until you act on them. They’ll also appear in your Uncontacted Leads group.

Depending on your Uncontacted Leads Settings, the UNCONTACTED label may be automatically removed when you view the lead, click their contact buttons, send them content, and/or set a follow up date. You can also manually mark or unmark a lead as UNCONTACTED via the options menu when viewing the lead.

Distribute Webhook Leads to other Recipients

You can automatically share leads from your custom lead sources with other recipients via email, even if they don’t have a Privyr account. This is useful if you’d like to distribute leads to your clients or colleagues, and can be configured to forward all leads to all recipients, or distribute leads equally in a Round Robin fashion.

Recipients will receive new lead details instantly via email and/or the Privyr app, with attribution ‘This lead was sent to you by @name at @company(where @name and @company are replaced with the Name and Company from your User Profile, respectively).

Find out more about Automatic Lead Distribution.

Updated on January 2, 2024

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